Hello Everybody!smile

I apologize for the sudden MIA. I have been busy since I came back from my travel. Some thing came up that required my full attention so that’s one of the reasons I didn’t quite go straight into continuing posting but I am back and with a different schedule now. I have decided to start something major that will require my up most attention. Being a fashion major, I never really took an interest in fashion but having some time to my self, made me re think about it a bit and I came to the conclusion of working on it. I’ve decided to start a clothing line. This will not affect the creation of BWAS however, it will affect the posting schedule because I will only post when I can. I am also looking for a job to help fund the business  so I will spend less time working on comics and more time trying to make money to invest in my business and pay my bills which are accumilating. I apologies for the sudden hype of last post. I was working on a new comic which I sudden lost interest then decided to completely dropped it. I’m hoping maybe in the future I will pick it back up but as for now; I have to focus on one thing at the time. But boy with a secret will remain online and  continue to update, but the schedule will be different. i will not follow previous update schedule because the schedule will be random in other words I will post when i can. Again, I apologies and i hope you guys understand.

EDIT: Just want to say thanks for your concern and happy wishes.  And i hope everyone had a good Christmas and New year. 🙂