Boy with a secret is a heartwarming story about the trials of life, love, and friendship. After a tragic accident, Haruhi begins his first day at Fujimoto High School; he has high hopes for a new start and new friends. However, he quickly finds out every school has its bullies, and Fujimoto is no exception. But with new enemies come new friends, and he quickly meets the lovely and compassionate Minako. Along with new friends, an old friend from the past appears and threatens to uncover Haruhi’s mysterious identity and unravel every secret so carefully hidden. Haruhi must decide either to accept his old past and possibly harm his relationship with Minako, or to reject who he was and never look back. Minako must also decide if she wants to risk her own popularity for the sake of Haruhi and continue on this strange new road. Either decision will not be accepted so easily. Join Haruhi, Minako, Rei, and a cast of other delightful and infamous characters on their bittersweet journey into a world of acceptance, hate, and forgiveness. Follow the wonderful trials of the Boy with a Secret.

This story is will be ongoing and will run about 20 chapters or more. In this processes we will get to learn more about our characters and the obstacles they will face along the way


☆ About The Artist 


 Name: Daisy (Tanako)

Tanako is a Comic Artist, Writer, and Graphic Illustrator. While growing up, she was always passionate about drawing and art, and constantly spent her free time sketching her favorite characters. Tanako agreed with her parents at an early age to attend Nursing School, as they felt it would be a better choice of career than art and design. After attending school and many, many classes that didn’t interest or excite her, she finally realized her passion was art and that is what she wanted to stick to. She quickly began attending school for fashion and art and realized this was what she always wanted. Her parents agreed Tanako is an exceptional artist and designer and accepted that she had made the right decision. With her parents’ full support, Tanako attended and graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology with a major in Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising. During her spare time, Tanako enjoys sketching, films, and dining in fine restaurants. She runs both the Boy with a Secret comic and her online store where you can find her own handmade dolls and animal hats. She can be found enjoying her passions at conventions like Mizumi Con in San Antonio, or other conventions as well. Tanako currently lives in Dallas, Tx.



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