Sorry for the monday missed update. Here is the page that i said i was going to post but couldn’t get to it. I went out of town for my sisters graduation, it was hectic and I couldn’t take my stuff with me. Anyway, I had a great time and I was very proud of my sister who graduated with a RN-BSN. it takes a lot to graduate with a nursing degree since it is a difficult field. Well, I am almost late to work so hope you guys enjoy the page and oh, its the end of the chapter and I cant wait to begin posting Chapter 14  \ (^___^)/

»EDIT: I dont know about you guys but this page creeped me out while i was working on it. Haruhi is not a ghost, he’s just inside her and she can feel/see him almost. I don’t want you guys to get confused. feel free to ask questions if you have any  😛

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