Hello guys \(^▽^)/

Here is the extra update like i promised. Took me some time working on this but i was determined to get it done. It was fun working on this page but at the same time I was kind of sad because She lost her brother. and i must say, Hinori looks good in that color of hair. I also had a fun time coloring her therapist’s hair. at first i couldn’t decided what color to go for but the  red looks good. Sometimes I’ve indecisive when it comes to hair color. Hinori currently has a wig and i’m sure we all know that (* >ω<)

I also made adjustments to the Comic archive page. Instead of just showing 5 pages to a chapter, it shows every thing  just like how i had it in the old website. Honestly Word Press is giving me a though time, but the more I mess with it the more I learn. I must say, My page doesn’t look bad for a beginner 😀

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