Funny thing about this page is, it was made last minuite. I realized that i didn’t have enough flash back and i quickly created it and over all i’m so glad I did. There isn’t much going on but it explains her emotion which is what I was going for. I just wanted you guys to understand how Hinori felt about her situation. I honestly wish i could show a more flash back but it will completely drag the story to a different direction so i chose to keep it short. 

I also worked on a incentive which i posted couple of days ago. So please guys, vote as much as you can. It helps bring me closer to the top.  I’m still looking for less in expensive way to advertise. so if you have any sudjestions, holla it me 🙂


EDIT: Hinori’s face gave me the most difficult time. Sometimes, it seems like i have a hard time drawing a proper   quarter  view side face and it all turns out weird. Have no idea how that happens, but  i think i’ll need more practice in that direction.

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