Hello Guyz!hi

Geezz thank god for updating once a week because I have altered this page so many times that I don’t think it can handle it anymore. Anyway, here is Mondays update. Changes were done and I also had to go back and change the therapist face a bit. In the third panel she was smiling really hard compared to the other pages where she looked serious so I had to fix that. She’s not smiling anymore but she doesn’t look too serious either so I guess it worked out.

I am behind on drawing and coloring pages. I am also behind on the story as well. I have started working on chapter fifteen and so far just sketches but the story line is what’s holding me back. Im at a point where I need some inspiration. Im thinking of watching “A beautiful mind” again. Although it has nothing to do with DID but its a mental illness.

I believe my website has been fixed and I don’t think it redirects to a different page anymore which is good because it freaked me out for a sec. Well, gotta run. I’m so hungry I could ear right about anything right now. LOL  (* >ω<)

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