❥Subject which I will undertake

  • Anything from Bwas comic or my other comic projects
  • smoochy, lovey-dovey couples (BL/ shounen ai /shoujo ai are fine /yaoi)
  • original characters (with detailed description and/or reference pics)
  • comics (single page unless payment is discussed for multiple pages. I’d require a detailed description of the characters, actions, dialogue, setting, etc. The more detail you can provide, the better.)

❥Art categories: The following is a list of the types of art I offer. Also open for negotiation (depending on the complexity)

  • pencil line art: $5 – $10
  • inked line art: $15 – $20
  • pencil art: $20 – $30
  •  digital colored art: $25-$40
  • Single comic page color: $15
  • Single comic page blk/white: $10
  • Traditionally colored art-$40-$50

❥Payment Methods and More…

I gladly accept payment through PayPal, money order or money transfer. All art will be produced after payment is received.

The amount of time I require to complete a commission will vary depending on its difficulty, and on other things I have to do. I’ll finish and send off one commission before I start on another one. I’m only one person, but I will try to be as prompt as possible with completing commissions.

All of my commissions will be available electronically at at least 300 DPI. Once completed, I will send an electronic copy of the commission to the same e-mail address from which the request came. I can send originals as long as they haven’t been colored or edited on a computer. If you request the original artwork, I’ll figure the shipping price into the final price and ask for you’re mailing address, which I will keep private.

Please send your request by filling out the contact form CONTACT or by e mailing this address with the subject “Commission Request” to Tanakoscreation[at]


❥For more infromation about commissions, my style of art and inquires please visit my portfolio page here Daisys Creation